Anti-snore Mouth Guard+

Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ by SnoreLessNow Receives FDA Clearance

New best-in-class mandibular advancement device
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MT. AIRY, MD.Jan. 26, 2024SnoreLessNow is bringing Switzerland’s most advanced over the counter snoring solution to the United States.

The Maryland-based company’s Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ is available for purchase onSnoreLessNow’s website in March 2024 through a partnership with leading Swiss manufacturer Oscimed SA.

Known as the SomnoFit-S® in Europe, the Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ is a small dental appliance that reduces snoring by positioning the jaw gently forward, allowing the perfect opening for increased airflow and eliminating airway obstruction by tissues inside the mouth. No masks, hoses, or electronics required.

The Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ uses a patented adjustment band that helps the jaw to move freely, allowing talking and drinking with the device on. The same band spans across the front teeth distributing tension more evenly to achieve maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Produced in the Jura region of Switzerland known for Rolex production, the material is made of high-quality Swiss biomedical polymers and uses up to 40% less materials than other mandibular advancement devices on the US market that make it more flexible and discreet to wear.

It uses a simple molding method of being placed in hot water to create a perfect customizable fit for the user. It can even be remolded more than once if the perfect fit is not achieved the first time.

500,000+ units of the device have already been sold in Europe and it can be found in the majority of Swiss pharmacies. No prescription required for purchase.

SnoreLessNow was recently awarded Top ENT Solutions Provider of 2023 by Medtech OutlookMagazine. Their team of professional sleep consultants are working diligently to bring the latest advancements in sleep science to help families achieve their best sleep.

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