Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator

Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator

The Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator is a simple, minimally-invasive device that fits snuggly into your nostrils, gently expanding them for easier breathing. This eases congestion, reduces snoring, and improves sleep. This FDA-registered device can be customized to fit your nose better. It is eligible for HSA & FSA funds.


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Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator
Awarded Top 10 ENT Solutions Provider of 2023 by MedTech Outlook Magazine
"Your key to effortless breathing!"
"WOW, I instantly felt it open up my airway"
" I don’t think I can go to sleep without it anymore"


To begin, we advise purchasing a trial pack (small, medium, & large included) and starting with the medium-sized clip.


Hold the bridge of the device with the wings facing as shown.


Place the wings of the device inside your nose. Then, press the bridge straight in. You may feel it click into position once the wings are secure.

STEP 4 (Optional)

Heat some water to 140°F. Pour the water into a container and place the Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator into it for 5 seconds. Reshape to suit your nose.

Pro Tip

There should not be any space between your nostrils and the bridge of the device. If you feel it hanging out, try a smaller size. If the device falls out easily, try a bigger size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator operates by gently expanding your nostrils from within. This subtle yet effective adjustment alleviates congestion, reduces snoring, and improves your quality of sleep.

While the medium-sized Airflow Clip suits most individuals, everyone's nose is unique. As such, we recommend purchasing our Trial Pack (Small, Medium, & Large included). Doing so will help you determine the most comfortable fit and optimize performance.

Our Airflow Clip stands apart from the competition in the following ways:

● Innovative patented design: Ensures a comfortable fit inside the nasal passages.
● No need for external tape: Eliminates the use of 'sticky' tape on the outside of the nose.
● Swiss manufacturing: Guarantees top-notch craftsmanship.
● Aerodynamic profile: Utilizes a wing effect for a snug, natural fit.
● Customizable fit: Place in 140°F water to adjust the shape for personalized comfort.
● Long-lasting reusability: Engineered for 90 days of use.

Yes. We designed our Airflow Clip to work seamlessly with CPAP machines. Should you still have further questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider.

Gently wash it with warm water and a mild soap after each use. Allow it to air dry completely before storing it in a cool, dry place.

At SnoreLessNow, we're dedicated to ensuring you're thoroughly satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator. For a detailed overview of the return process, kindly refer to our return policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sarah (Lansdale, US)
Finally can sleep! (Wife of a snoring husband)

Works really well. My hubby could be heard several rooms away before and I'm now able to sieep with him in the bed again without being woken up. I also noticed his sleep apnea gasping has stopped. Not sure if that’s related, but we’ll take it! He says the device is comfy and not messing with his teeth position and jaw like the mouth devices. Very pleased!

Hey there Sarah, thank you so much for this review. It means the world to us! :)

Taylor (Toledo, US)

This really opens my nostrils and I feel like I can breathe easier! Makes sleeping at night great

Jacob m (Sacramento, US)
It works

It works , ive been getting better sleep and so has my wife do to my lack of snoring, thank you

J.G. (Phoenixville, US)
Brilliant Product and Complete Replacement for Nasal Strips

My nasal passages often are constricted when sleeping due to the shape of my nose. I began wearing nasal strips 5 years ago to keep my air passages open while sleeping. After a few years of nightly use, I grew concerned that the adhesive on the nasal strips would damage my skin from such heavy use. I noticed the adhesive beginning to dry out my skin and felt there would never be an alternative.

I now exclusively use SLN's nasal dilator product as a substitute for the nasal strips. They are easier to use, don't irritate the skin, and are less expensive than nasal strips. Even if you don't snore, this can be an effective product for increasing airflow while asleep. Combine this with a little saline spray before bed and you will sleep like a log.

Amazing job on this product, guys. Will be a customer for life.

Jessie Wallace (Dallas, US)
Shockingly Good

Honestly, I’m shocked. I tried this on a whim and it’s been incredible. I’m sleeping better and not waking up as often in the night. I don’t wake up with a super dry mouth and am feeling really good. Thank you!