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Breathe easily, sleep better, and wake up more rested with SnoreLessNow™ clinically proven, ultra-comfortable anti-snoring pillow.

Dreaming of Snoreless Nights?

It's 2AM, and your room reverberates with the all-too-familiar drone of snoring. This nightly disturbance has become a relentless intruder, robbing you and even your partner of the restful sleep you so desperately crave. You've tried nudging, turning, even pleading for a moment of silence, yet it persists.
An astounding 90 million Americans face the same battle night after night (Yale Medicine, n.d.), losing precious sleep to snoring's persistent grip.

But what if the solution to silent, restful nights lay right beneath your head? What if the answer was as simple as changing your pillow?

How the SnoreLessNow Pillow Works

Snoring often results from sleeping on your back. When this happens, your throat's muscles and tongue succumb to gravity, producing that unbearable snoring sound. The solution involves switching to a side-sleeping position that opens up your airways and reduces snoring.

But sleeping on your side is easier said than done. Here lies the problem — most pillows don't stop you from sleeping on your back. They actually make it far easier to roll onto your back, which can lead to increasingly problematic snoring. The SnoreLessNow Pillow directly addresses this issue through its unique design, engineered to encourage side-sleeping and combat snoring.

1. Comfort-First Forehead Support

This placement positions you for side-sleeping with an optimal downward tilt, keeping airways open and snoring at bay.

2. No-Roll Central Ridge

The central ridge acts as a gentle barrier, helping you sleep soundly on your left or right side without rolling onto your back.

3. Tailored Comfort Cut-Outs

Thoughtfully crafted indentations for ears and shoulders, providing a pressure-free sleep experience. No more adjusting for comfort.

4. Downward Tilt for Clear Airways

The design ensures your head is tilted just enough to open up your airway, reducing the risk of tissue blockage in your throat.

Ready to Get the Sleep of your Dreams?

Snore Less, Breathe More:
The Benefits

Deep, Restful Sleep

Reclaim your regular sleep cycle and benefit from deep, restful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Significantly Reduced Snoring

The intelligent design encourages side sleeping, an optimal position that keeps your airways clear and reduces disruptive snoring episodes.

Improved Energy Levels

Quality, uninterrupted sleep means you’ll be rested enough to tackle the day.

Stress Relief

Regular quality sleep not only rejuvenates your body but also soothes your mind, promoting calmness and lowering stress.

Snoring Is More Than a Nuisance

Imagine your sleep being constantly interrupted by a phone ringing every few minutes, allowing you only brief moments of rest. This is the effect that breathing difficulties have on your sleep — you aren't able to reach those vital stages of deep rest. The result? You wake up feeling completely drained and miserable, day after day.

The Health Hazards of Poor Sleep

Daily fatigue

Fragmented sleep can leave you feeling tired and lethargic, affecting your productivity and energy levels.

Cardiovascular issues

Those who get less sleep are at a higher risk of experiencing high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke.

Strain on relationships

Your partner can lose out on precious sleep, too — up to an hour every night — due to snoring.

Poor mental health

A lack of sleep can increase your risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Hazardous driving

People who are sleep-deprived are more likely to get into vehicle-related accidents.

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Prolonged sleep disturbances have been linked to an increased risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Diminished libido

A lack of sleep can tank testosterone levels, dampening sexual drive.

Compromised immunity

Quality sleep is crucial for immune system functionality. Poor sleep weakens your immune system.

Clinically Proven to Stop Snoring and Promote Quality Sleep

"Significant immediate treatment effects after one night"

Newell J, Mairesse O, Neu D.

The International Journal of the Science and Practice of Sleep Medicine studied 28 participants with positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA). They initially underwent a sleep assessment to capture their natural sleep patterns. Then, they used our revolutionary SnoreLessNow pillow, referred to as Posiform® in the study (our European name), designed to promote optimal sleep posture.

After one month of use, the results showed the following:

Immediate and lasting relief

Patients saw significant decreases in sleep disturbances like sleep fragmentation, oxygen desaturation, and the frequency of apnea-hypopnea episodes.

Sleep deeper, feel better

The study found notable improvements in sleep quality, reduced daytime sleepiness, and enhanced daily functionality.

Long-lasting satisfaction

Participants didn't just benefit from the pillow— they loved it! Compliance and satisfaction scores were sky-high, even six months down the line.

Ready to experience results like this for yourself?

MD Recommended & Validated

"I recommend the use of this pillow to all of my patients who have problems snoring. It is highly effective from the first night of use."

Dr. Andres Salazar

"I recommend this pillow as a first line of defense before surgery. This is the best pillow at a very affordable cost."

Dr. Ibrihim Rizqui

“But what if it doesn’t work for me?”

We’re confident that our pillow will revolutionize your sleep — in fact, we’re so confident that we’re offering a risk-free 30-day return policy.
If our SnoreLessNow pillow doesn’t improve your sleep, you can return it to us within 30 days of receiving it. Simply contact us, repackage the product in the original packaging, and send it our way for a refund.

Why Choose Our Anti-Snore Pillow?


Natural moisture-wicking fabric

Our pillow, crafted with a 100% cotton inner and a premium outer cover made from velvet bamboo, effortlessly eliminates bacteria, sweat, and other contaminants.


Tailored support for forehead & neck

Extra forehead and neck support ensures every moment spent sleeping is ultra comfortable.


Medium-firm memory foam for optimal support

Snore less and breathe more with our memory foam that aligns your spine perfectly in a side-sleeping pose.


One size fits all

The universal design creates a comfortable experience for people of all ages and sizes — even pregnant women.


Ear & shoulder cut-outs for maximum comfort

No more adjusting for comfort. Precise ear and shoulder cut-outs offer a flawless fit.


Authentic relief, gimmick-free

Enjoy quality sleep without needing anti-snoring medications, devices, or other temporary fixes.


Seamless shift to side-sleeping

Our intuitive design gently guides you into an ideal side-sleeping posture, whether left or right, ensuring you reap all the benefits.


American Heart Association

We pledge 1% of all profits for education and research purposes.

Clinically Proven

Recommended by Physicians


30-day Return Policy

3-year Memory Foam Guarantee

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What Our Customers Say

Finally some relief! We're definitely buying another for back-up and to take for travel.

Mary R.


I am so happy to have something that allows me to rest well and feel recharged to take on the next day!

Cedrick Edwards


I am in tears to say first time in 20 years that I am able to sleep through the night with my husband.

Etta Brandt


It's comfy because the memory foam molds to your head and neck, plus it seems to be doing a good job at stopping my snoring.

Stacey Otto


This pillow is so comfortable and worth every penny! A definite game changer for sleeping.

Melaney Lemaster


Alleviate Back Pain

Did you know 80% of people grapple with back pain at some point? Side-sleeping could be the answer to alleviating your back pain woes.

Boost Your Digestive Health

Switching to a left-side sleeping position can cut gastroesophageal reflux incidents by a whopping 50%.

Harmony in the Bedroom

Imagine gifting your partner uninterrupted sleep every night. That's the magic of snore-free rest.

Promotes Prenatal Health

Enhanced circulation means better nutrient delivery, paving the way for a healthier and happier pregnancy.

Customer Success Stories

Your Purchase Supports the American Heart Association

At SnoreLessNow, our mission extends beyond just our products. We're proud to commit 1% of our profits to the American Heart Association (AHA).
With heart disease touching countless lives, the AHA stands at the forefront of the fight for cardiovascular health by championing research, education, and advocacy against heart disease and stroke.
With every purchase, you join us in forging a healthier tomorrow.

Better Sleep Is Just a Click Away

Take advantage of our 30-day, risk-free return policy

In your journey to perfect, snore-free nights, the SnoreLessNow pillow stands as your ultimate companion. Designed with clinically proven technology, it's not just about stopping the snore: it's about cradling you in ultra-comfort every night.
And the best part? You can experience this revolutionary pillow with absolute confidence thanks to our 30-day risk-free return policy. If it doesn't redefine the way you sleep, simply return it for a refund.

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