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It’s high time you got the rest you deserve.

If a stuffy nose is causing you to snore, it’s likely interrupting your sleep, causing your energy levels to drop during the day. Our Dream Team combo — The SilverSafe Pillow and Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator — can help you sleep peacefully and wake up rested.

But what if a simple change of pillow and a small accessory could help clear your stuffy nose and restore restful sleep?

Congestion & Allergies Could Be Stealing Your Silent Nights

Snoring isn't just a harmless nighttime nuisance — it's a not-so-silent signal that you struggle to breathe while asleep. If your nose is congested, your mouth will instinctively open while you’re asleep so that you can breathe.

The problem?

Your tongue will likely slump to the back of your mouth, causing you to snore. Nasal breathing can reduce snoring. But if you’re prone to allergies and congestion, you’ll know that breathing through your mouth is hard to avoid. Allergies can cause your nose to become congested and inflamed, which leads to mouth-breathing.

The result?

Snoring, poor sleep, and low energy levels. An astounding 90 million Americans face this very issue night after night (Yale Medicine, n.d.), losing precious sleep to snoring's persistent grip.

But what if a simple change of pillow and a small accessory could help clear your stuffy nose and restore restful sleep?

Nasal Breathing
Better Sleep

But it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Our Dream Team combination reduces allergens and keeps your nasal passages open, allowing your nasal passages to stay open throughout the evening.

The Dream Team:
SilverSafe Pillow & Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator

SilverSafe Pillow

Say goodbye to allergy-related snoring with our luxurious ventilated memory foam pillow, engineered to defend against bacteria and allergens.

Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator

Breathe more and snore less with our lightweight nasal dilator, designed to open inflamed or narrow nasal passages, encouraging healthy breathing and quality, uninterrupted sleep.

For a limited time, get the Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator free with all purchases of the SilverSafe Pillow.

Together, this
anti-snoring combo sets the stage for consistent, restorative sleep.

How These Anti-Snoring Solutions Work

SilverSafe Pillow

Crafted for unparalleled comfort and health, the SilverSafe Pillow incorporates antimicrobial silver fibers in its polyester blend exterior, offering a frontline defense against allergens and bacteria.

Inside, a breathable cotton layer maintains freshness, while a natural memory foam core adapts to your head and neck's unique contours, relieving pressure. Beyond ensuring a cozy sleep, this pillow meets the stringent OEKO-TEX® standards and shields you from harmful chemicals.

Ultra Comfortable



Memory Foam Core

Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator

The Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator is a simple, minimally-invasive device that fits snuggly into your nostrils, gently expanding them for easier breathing. This reduces snoring, improves sleep, and eases congestion.

Get the Perfect Fit:


We recommend a variety pack and starting with Size Medium. Then, hold the bridge of the device with the wings facing as shown.


Place the wings of the device inside your nose and then press the bridge straight in. You may feel a click into position once the wings are all the way in.


There should not be any space between your nostrils and the bridge of the device. If it is hanging out, try a smaller size. If the device falls out easily, try a bigger size.

CUSTOMIZE (optional)

Heat water to 140°F and place the Airflow Clip for 5 seconds. Shake off any excess hot water and repeat steps 1-3.

Why Choose Our Airflow Clip Nasal Dilator?

No 'sticky' tape required

Sits comfortably inside your nasal passages without the need for external tape.

Aerodynamic profile

Features a wing effect for optimal airflow.


Simply place in 140-degree water to adjust for a perfect fit.

Superior lifespan

Washable and reusable device that comes with a 90-day lifespan.

Safety and certification

FDA Registered, Drug-free, phthalate-free, & BPA-free.

Financial incentives

Eligible for HSA & FSA funds.


Compatible with CPAP machines. For any concerns, we encourage you to consult your ENT.

Why Choose Our SilverSafe Pillow?

Antimicrobial protection

Silver-infused pillow fights bacteria and dust mites, ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic sleep, especially for allergy sufferers.

Safety first

Free from over 350 harmful chemicals, surpassing both OEKO-TEX® and CertiPur™ standards.

Adaptive memory foam

Plant-based memory foam adapts to your sleeping position, providing consistent comfort regardless of temperature. It doesn't harden in cold or soften in heat.

Optimal support

The foam springs back swiftly, offers robust support, and dissipates heat efficiently.

Promotes healthy posture

Designed to promote spinal alignment and reduce back pain.

Tried and tested

Rigorously tested and guaranteed for 3 years.

Nose Breathing: 5 Game-Changing Benefits

Increased oxygenation and energy levels

Your nose filters, humidifies, and warms the air before it reaches your lungs. Doing so provides your body with a high-quality airflow that oxygenates your blood and improves energy levels.

Significantly reduced snoring

Nasal breathing keeps your airways open and prevents the vibrations that cause snoring.

Enhanced cognitive function and clarity

Nasal breathing increases the oxygen supply to your brain, improving cognitive performance, concentration, and memory.

Improved respiratory health

Your nasal passages contain tiny hairs called cilia, which act as a natural filter, trapping bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles. Nasal breathing helps prevent these pathogens from entering your body, reducing the risk of respiratory infections.

Reduced stress levels

Nasal breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Snoring Is More Than a Nuisance

Imagine your sleep being constantly interrupted by a phone ringing every few minutes, allowing you only brief moments of rest. This is the effect that breathing difficulties have on your sleep — you aren't able to reach those vital stages of deep rest. The result? You wake up feeling completely drained and miserable, day after day.

The Health Hazards of Poor Sleep

Daily fatigue

Fragmented sleep can leave you feeling tired and lethargic, affecting your productivity and energy levels.

Cardiovascular issues

Those who get less sleep are at a higher risk of experiencing high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke.

Strain on relationships

Your partner can lose out on precious sleep, too — up to an hour every night — due to snoring.

Poor mental health

A lack of sleep can increase your risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Hazardous driving

People who are sleep-deprived are more likely to get into vehicle-related accidents.

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Prolonged sleep disturbances have been linked to an increased risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Diminished libido

A lack of sleep can tank testosterone levels, dampening sexual drive.

Compromised immunity

Quality sleep is crucial for immune system functionality. Poor sleep weakens your immune system.

What Our Customers Say

Finally some relief! We're definitely buying another for back-up and to take for travel.

Mary R.


I am so happy to have something that allows me to rest well and feel recharged to take on the next day!

Cedrick Edwards


I am in tears to say first time in 20 years that I am able to sleep through the night with my husband.

Etta Brandt


It's comfy because the memory foam molds to your head and neck, plus it seems to be doing a good job at stopping my snoring.

Stacey Otto


This pillow is so comfortable and worth every penny! A definite game changer for sleeping.

Melaney Lemaster


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